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Group Programs

Affordable Dental & Health Care Options

  • Save your company time, money & hassle
  •  Give your employees valuable savings plan options
  •  Help attract & maintain a healthy, happy staff
  •  Over 40 top rated plans

Take Good Care Of Your Team – And Your Company

Offer the very best to your employees with comprehensive, cost-effective and easy-to-manage savings plans for groups.

Your employees enjoy significant savings on dental treatment, telemedicine, vision/ LASIK, hearing, fitness programs, and healthcare support services

  • 10%-60% savings on dental care from a nationwide network of dentists
  • Fast, free access to doctors and other healthcare professionals around the clock
  • Skipping ER/Urgent Care/Doctor office visits for non-emergency treatment
  • Help managing medical insurance claims, and reducing amount owed on medical bills
  • Trustworthy, timely resources on medical and wellness issues

Your company saves time, money and adds a new competitive edge with dental and healthcare savings plans

  • Select from more than 30 top-rated plans: Dental, Telemedicine, or our best value Dental and Telemedicine bundles
  • Gain a significant competitive advantage in recruiting and retaining high-value employees
  • Turnkey solution provides easy implementation
  • Reduce time and hassles associated with managing traditional group benefit plans

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Group Services Contact Form

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