What Should You Do If You Get A Tick Bite?

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Tick and Lyme disease season has arrived, and scientists are saying that this year it could be worse than ever. A bumper crop of acorns in 2015 led to a a population boom of white-footed mice in 2016, which could make 2017 the Year of the Tick. The mice love nibbling acorns, and disease-causing ticks [...]

Fake News: Picking Your Nose To Save Your Teeth

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You may have seen the story: some media outlets are advising people that the best way to prevent cavities is to pick your nose and then eat it. Yes, really. The reports indicate that the advice is based on a new medical study. Don’t do it. The study in question was published in 2015. It [...]

Happy Root Canal Awareness Week!

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Root canals get no respect. People seem to dread this treatment more than any other dental service. And no matter how often dentists tell us that root canals relieve pain, by clearing up a dental infection, somehow the information just isn’t getting through. Thankfully, the American Association of Endodontists (AAE) is stubborn. They’ve been patiently [...]